How We Do It

The GO Team

In any community, there are individuals who take a particular interest in public affairs.  They are educated, up to date, and well spoken—but they often lack an outlet to put their skills to work.

Enter NextWave. 

With our work-from-home network, we tap into this impressive pool of talent on a national scale.  Our operating model makes us an attractive employment option for a wide range of articulate, enthusiastic individuals.  And, based on our commercial call center background, we’ve developed processes to recruit, train, motivate, and retain only the best

As a result, GO Team Members are a special breed of outreach professional.  They come from a variety of backgrounds.  Some are stay-at-home parents seeking a professional opportunity they can exercise before kindergarten lets out for the day.  Others are retirees and recent college grads interested in earning a little extra. 

What unites them is a set of attributes that make them great at what they do.  Across the board, GO Team Members are:

In other words, the GO Team is composed of people you can trust to represent you to your stakeholders or members, business owners and executives, physicians and professional audiences, and other targeted groups who expect only top-notch, personal communications. 

During every call, they enhance your reputation, maximize participation rates, and make grassroots participation easy for your advocates.

Technology Infrastructure

GO Team capabilities are accentuated by NextWave’s advanced telecommunications technology. We selected a market-leading, cloud-based system based on its performance and quality.

The system ties each home-based station into the GO Team Headquarters. With an integrated suite of cutting-edge features, it enables:

Bringing people and technology together for grassroots success. That’s the NextWave.

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