How We Do It

Highest Quality Telephone Outreach

NextWave programs center around personalized telephone outreach.  In our decades in the grassroots industry, we’ve witnessed the exceptional participation rates achieved by picking up the phone and speaking with a potential advocate one on one.

But our programs don’t just benefit from our public affairs expertise.  NextWave’s principals also have deep experience in commercial call center environments.  We’ve provided award-winning customer contacts for a diverse array of Fortune 100 companies, with programs spanning from hundreds to tens of thousands of calls per day. 

We’ve absorbed the best practices from leading teleservices providers—including one we founded and operate—and applied them in developing the NextWave solution.

The result is world-class quality perfectly adapted to public affairs

A Winning Solution

Protecting your message is just as critical as protecting your brand.  NextWave enables you to deliver finely tuned messages to sensitive and difficult-to-reach audiences, and to engage them in grassroots efforts like never before. 

Two things come together to create NextWave’s stand-out services: