Who We Are


In today’s world, it has become difficult to translate issue interest into civic action.  Grassroots participation has gone the way of the sit-down family dinner.  Not because people care less.  But because time has become a scarce resource.

At NextWave, we don’t think technology alone can solve this problem.  Newer tactics, such as click-and-send emails, have slashed the time investment to nanoseconds.  But the response rates have come at a steep price.  Impact.

We value these technological advances for their ability to build awareness and enthusiasm about issues.  But the means we use to address public officials are different.  Our programs elicit the genuine constituent interactions legislators and regulators still rely on to shape their stances. 

New Answers in a New Era

The fact is most people have a hard time getting involved in the policymaking process, even on issues that affect them personally.  That’s why NextWave has developed methods to help advocates fit grassroots action into their already busy lives. 

Our advocacy facilitation makes it easy for constituents to:

Getting more citizens involved in public affairs in a positive way.  That’s what NextWave is all about.